This page will be used for updates from our strategic planning team.



Your Eastminster Strategic Planning team is calling for visions for new projects.  As we look at the period leading up to our 75th anniversary in 2025, we believe that we should look for new activities which would greatly increase our outreach and ministries.  Based on the recent Congregational Survey, the congregation has said they want to grow in four areas:
        -Make necessary changes to attract families with     children and youth to our church.
-Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to reach new people and incorporate them into the life of the church.
-Provide more opportunities for Christian education and spiritual formation at every age and stage of life.
-Work to renew and revitalize the community around the church by building coalitions with partners that share this vision and commitment.

The SPT is calling for ideas for projects and activities which would fulfill these objectives.  To present the ideas, we are sponsoring a Town Hall meeting on May 3 at 7:00 pm in Fellowship Hall.  The congregation is invited to attend and participate.  Presenters are asked to prepare 3 charts:
Chart 1.  A brief description of the project, such as:  Build a riverside structure with coffee and snacks for visitors.
Chart 2.  Vision for operation:   Who would staff it, how  often would it be used, what kind of funding would be required, would it generate any income.
Chart 3.  Implementation:  What would be needed to get started.  Additional paid staff, volunteers, building construction, etc.
Format for the presentations will be PowerPoint slides. Please email your slides to Melissa in the office at   If you need assistance, you can just send your information to Melissa and she will prepare the slides.

In the early fall of 2016 the Strategic Planning Team surveyed the congregation using the tool HolyCow surveys. Many of the questions are their base questions and then we were able to have supplemental questions that fit our particular congregation. You can access the full results by clicking on the link holycowsurveholycowsurvey-2016

After the survey results were collected various groups met in homes to go over the big picture results in preparation for our stewardship season. Once information was collected from home groups of the comments and questions that arose out of these presentations a Town Hall meeting was formed to go over the big picture. You can access the powerpoint used in the meeting by clicking on the link TownHallPresentation.NOV2016